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About an hour west of Cheltenham there is a charming village called Much Marcle. It might sound like something from an Agatha Christie novel, but you won’t find any signs of Miss Marple here. What you will find is a delightful mill and farmhouse called Weston’s. It’s where they make cider and perry so if you have a taste for either of these and you want to know more about how they are made, you’ll be heading for the right place.

Weston’s is located in Ledbury so it isn’t too far away from Wye Valley accommodation if you are planning to stay nearby. The M5 from Cheltenham will lead you to the M50 and closer to the village, and it’s also quite close to Ross on Wye and Gloucester. You can see there is little excuse to miss out on a visit.

But what can you look forward to when you get there? Well you should plan on devoting a few hours to your visit because there is plenty to do. Even though this is all about cider and perry (an alcoholic drink made from pears, in case you were wondering), there is still plenty for the kids to look forward to as well. They’re also open all week so there is every chance to fit in a visit whenever you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

You can look forward to a guided tour that will reveal the process of making cider and perry. But there is a children’s playground to keep the kids amused, and they can even have a ride on the Shire horses if they feel brave enough. If you’re visiting during the summer you can also walk round the Weston’s Farm Park, which stays open between May and September. Perfect for the summer holidays, to be sure, and it’s another way to keep the kids happy while you’re there.

If you don’t have kids and you want to enjoy some of the countryside in the area, there is no better way to do so than to head out on the orchard walk. There is a restaurant on site where you can enjoy a nice meal if you’re peckish, but you could also bring along a picnic to enjoy in this part of the site. Watch out for the nature pond too – you never know what you might see there.

Then of course you have the opportunity to see the courtyard garden as well. This is delightful and well kept, and you’ll enjoy seeing a garden that is akin to the ones you would have seen in Edwardian times.

As you can see there is plenty to do here so it might be worth devoting a whole day to make the most of everything they have to show you. Oh, and don’t forget the opportunity to try some cider and perry made on site for free. You’ll no doubt want to buy a few bottles to take home with you as well!