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You don’t need to find too many reasons to plan a visit to Bath. There is plenty of delightful Bath accommodation to stay in and you’ve got no end of wonderful venues to visit and things to see and do while you are there as well.

For instance you can take a look at the Fashion Museum, which now has a brand new exhibition that will remain on show for the remainder of 2011. Known as the Historic Collection, it offers you the opportunity to see how fashion changed from the 1700s onwards. Two centuries of fashion history is included in the displays, and however much of a clothes horse you are, you will be fascinated by what you will see here.

The Fashion Museum itself is beautifully easy to find. The Assembly Rooms in Bath are a famous sight in the city, and it is in here that you will find the museum. The address is Bennett Street and if you get lost most people in the city will be able to point you in the right direction. The Assembly Rooms look wonderful and very majestic from the outside, making them an easy place to spot within the confines of the city itself.

The Historic Collection is also being labelled as ‘Behind the Scenes’. This is an apt name for the collection as it does show you what fashion would have been like in times gone by. Can you imagine your ancestors wearing the types of clothes that are to be found in the collection?

According to Rosemary Harden, the manager of the museum, visitors will get a chance to “glimpse through the keyhole”. It is not just displays they will see; the actual stores at the museum are being opened up for viewing. Racks and rails of clothing will be there to be seen. Perhaps it is not surprising they have used the word ‘Narnia’ to describe the experience their visitors will have.

Fashion may not be your thing, but if you are planning a UK weekend in Bath it would be a shame to miss out on this very different exhibition. Clothing in glass cases is one thing, but being able to enter a wardrobe from history (you could certainly think of it like that) is something else entirely. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

Remember too that there is plenty more to see in Bath while you are there. The Roman Baths are always a popular sight, but simply wandering around the streets and taking in everything you see there is a good experience. Bath is in turns relaxing and exciting, and it can certainly invigorate you every time you visit. Bath accommodation comes in many different forms so whatever budget you happen to have available you should be able to find the ideal resting place for your weekend away.

Don’t worry about the weather either – the Fashion Museum is inside, as are many other fascinating venues worth seeing. Enjoy!