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Now that the dreadful winter seems to be completely behind us, there has never been a better time to visit Bath. The daffodils and crocuses are finally making an appearance, and with Easter not far away everyone is itching to get out and about to enjoy the better weather. March seems to be a good month that has plenty going on too. This is ideal for anyone wanting to take a short UK weekend break or UK holiday in the area.

The Theatre Royal in Bath can always be relied upon to provide some wonderful entertainment for anyone wanting to see a show while they are staying nearby. With lots of Bath accommodation available you can stay in the city and not have too far to go once the show is over.

This month sees a superb show based around the life of Spike Milligan too. Spike Milligan’s Adolf Hitler – My Part in his Downfall is taking to the stage on Monday 22nd March and playing all week. It closes on Saturday 27th March and if you want to see the genius that Spike was always known for, you should be quick to book tickets for the show. It is expected to be extremely popular as Spike always was himself, and it has managed to achieve the amazing feat of pleasing and delighting both the audience and the critics. That is the power Spike still has even though he is no longer with us.

You can book tickets for the show online, and the sooner you do so the more chance you have of securing them. The Theatre Royal Bath has its own website so you will easily be able to find it and make your booking. Why not book some Bath accommodation while you are at it? There is nothing better than turning a night out at the theatre into something even better. A weekend away in Bath is a popular choice among people up and down the country.The seats are available at various prices depending on what day you go, so bear this in mind when deciding which show to see. As is typical in the theatre you will also have the option of watching a matinee afternoon performance on Wednesday and Saturday. Consider what else you want to do in Bath and then try and book the best seats for the best performance for you.

The show starts at half past seven from Monday through to Wednesday, with a slightly later start of 8pm on the remaining days. The matinee is at the usual time of 2.30pm. The theatre itself is only a few minutes walk from the famous Pulteney Bridge and the Roman Baths, so as you can see it is right in the thick of the best that Bath has to offer.

And even if Spike doesn’t quite appeal to you or you are too late for tickets, you can still look and see what else this stunning theatre has on offer while you are in town.