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When you visit the Cotswolds, it can seem as if you are going back in time at some points. With the countryside unfolding all around you it isn’t too hard to visualise what it would have looked like in times gone by. This is particularly true if you happen to be staying in a self catering Cotswolds cottage instead of a modern building of some kind.

But if you venture out to Stratford upon Avon during your stay in the early part of August, you can experience the thrills of the Midlands History Festival as well. This is a huge event which takes place on the 7th and 8th of August, which is the first full weekend in August. Needless to say this will definitely be well attended, especially as it falls in the early part of the school summer holidays.

But what can you expect if you are enjoying a Cotswolds break or a Cotswolds holiday and you decide to pay a visit?

Well the whole event is based around numerous re-enactments of battles which took place in years gone by. Some of these battles are famous while others are not so well known. But a huge slice of history will be represented in the event, with several dozen displays taking place over the two days.

The venue to head for is the Stratford Armouries, which is where everything will be happening. You might feel as if you have gone back in time once you arrive, because there will be all kinds of different people and groups dressed for battle from different periods in time. Don’t be too surprised if you bump into a Roman one minute and a soldier from World War II the next!

The Stratford Armouries can be found in Gospel Oak Lane in Pathlow, Stratford upon Avon. This is a short distance north of the main A46 road in the area, and just off to the right of the A3400. Gospel Oak Lane itself can be reached from either of these roads – just look out for signposts for the Armouries as you get closer to the area. A lot will depend on which direction you are approaching from and where in the Cotswolds you are staying.

The Armouries are well worth exploring on their own anyway. For instance you have museums here to look round and there is also a pleasant restaurant for when you fancy a bite to eat. Whether you want a quick snack or a more substantial meal, you can get exactly what you want here. And don’t forget you can also take a picnic if you like, if you want to see all the re-enactments and not miss a thing.

The whole family will no doubt enjoy this opportunity to see a living history lesson. Even the kids will love it and with a family ticket for two adults and two children costing just £25, you can see this provides a great value day out for everyone.