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Regardless of the time of year you come to Stratford upon Avon, you will always have a sensational time visiting all the Shakespeare properties. But when you decide to visit before Christmas you will have the chance to see how Christmas was celebrated back in the times when Shakespeare was still alive.

This is especially the case if you visit Anne Hathaway’s Cottage. As you will already know if you have visited the property before, it is a charming cottage and is still very much in the state it would have been in when Anne herself lived there. It is slightly outside of Stratford upon Avon in Shottery, but it is well worth making the trip to get there. You may even find Stratford upon Avon accommodation you can stay in nearby if you want to make more than a day of it.

One of the nicest things about Anne Hathaway’s Cottage is that you really get a superb insight into how life was lived back then. This is followed through for the festive time of the year as well, as you now have the chance to see the property all decked out for Christmas. You aren’t likely to see an artificial tree though – instead you will see it exactly as it would have been back then. It is a wonderful way to see how the festive season was celebrated by people in the Tudor and Victorian times. You might be surprised at how different it is compared to today – and in some cases how little has changed as well!

This celebration of Christmases gone by will be taking place at the cottage throughout the rest of December. The cottage is open to the public every day except for Christmas Day itself and Boxing Day. This means you could plan a UK weekend break to Stratford upon Avon if you would like to have a change from the stresses of Christmas shopping.

The cottage is easy to find, even though it is further out from the centre of Stratford upon Avon itself. Shottery and the cottage are about a mile and a half from the main town, so you can walk it if you are prepared for a longer walk. Alternatively there is a car park just up the road from Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, enabling you to drive there and park safely in just a few moments. When you are there make sure you take the time to explore the gardens as well, and enjoy the guided tour that will reveal some interesting facts about how life was lived back in Anne’s time.

A lot of work has gone into making sure the cottage is decorated for the festive season in just the right way. If you are still struggling to get into the festive season yourself, make sure you pay a visit sometime during December to find out how life was lived all those years ago. You might find you will be in the festive mood sooner than you think as a result.