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If you happen to have plans to visit the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean in the next few months, make the time to go to the Dean Heritage Centre. Saturday 3rd September saw the start of an exhibition called Changing Landscapes that will go on until Sunday 18th December. It will provide an insight into coal mining throughout the country, and you still get to see the rest of the heritage centre as well.

The exhibition has been organised by English Heritage in conjunction with the National Coal Mining Museum. It focuses on several coal mines and looks at her they appeared as working sites before dwindling into disuse as the industry did the same. Regardless of your level of interest in coal mining, this is sure to be a fascinating exhibition to see.

The centre offers fantastic value for money for anyone who is staying in Wye Valley accommodation for a few days and is looking for somewhere to head out for the day. Entry costs are low and you can use Gift Aid to provide more funds for the centre as well. In addition there is a lot more to see in the area than just the centre itself. The best thing is the fact that you can experience indoor and outdoor based things to do, so whatever the weather might be like you can be sure of getting the best day out here.

There are a total of five galleries in the Dean Heritage Centre, providing you with the perfect opportunity to find out more about the area you are in. These galleries look at life from thousands of years ago right up to the present day. Roman exhibits and even fossils are available to see in the first gallery, while gallery three takes you into industrial times in the Forest of Dean. This forest has some stunning Wye Valley accommodation to stay in, as well as a stunning degree of history revealed in the heritage centre itself.

If the weather is good you can head outside and take a look inside a forester’s cottage. This has been recreated to give you an idea of what a forester’s home would have looked like back in the Victorian age. It may look very different from the Wye Valley cottage you might be staying in, but it’s definitely worth a look. You can also see a freemine and a charcoal burner’s camp, so you can see there is a lot to keep you busy here.

The heritage centre can be found in Camp Mill, Soudley, Gloucestershire, and it is easy to get to no matter which direction you might be coming from. It is ideal for spending a few odd hours if you have them to spare, although if the weather is good you will be best served by devoting a whole day to the centre. With plenty of outdoor walks and trails to discover as well, you won’t run short of things to do.