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If you are visiting Stratford upon Avon during your time in the region, you’ll know that Warwick Castle isn’t too far away either. It’s a straight drive along the A439 from Stratford upon Avon to the castle, and it comes in at less than twenty minutes in driving time by car. What’s more it is well worth the nine mile trip.

In fact if you are looking for late hotels or weekend breaks near to Stratford upon Avon during the summer holidays, you’ll love the events that Warwick Castle is laying on.

For starters the whole of the summer will see some exciting jousting competitions going on in the grounds of the castle itself. The good news is that the jousting takes place in the evening, between half past six and half past ten. This gives you all day to explore the rest of the castle before enjoying some medieval entertainment as the sun goes down.

The jousting will take place on Saturday’s throughout the month of August, so watch out for them and plan your visit accordingly. You’ll be delighted to see it as you enjoy the rest of your visit to the castle – which is arguably one of the best in the whole of the UK as well.

If you have the stomach for it – and you don’t have any kids in tow – you’ll probably be interested in what’s going on after dark on Friday 13th August as well. This particular event is definitely not for children, and even a few adults may not like it either!

As you might be aware if you have stayed on a UK weekend break in the area before, the castle comes complete with dungeons. On this occasion – very suitably on Friday 13th – you will be invited to book your place to explore the dungeons at night. Be prepared for shocks and surprises as you do so – who knows what you might uncover?

Once you arrive at around 7pm (pre-booking is necessary for this event) you will enjoy a tour of the dungeons as well as a dinner in the castle. The dungeons here have seen plenty of action and horrific events over the years, so be prepared for anything and everything that could happen.

As you can see, Warwick Castle is perfectly placed for a visit if you are staying in the Stratford upon Avon area. As it is situated just a few short miles away you can enjoy a visit to the castle as well as enjoying all the events that are taking place in various parts of Stratford itself. Even though the dungeons at the castle may not be suitable for younger members of the family, the rest of the castle and its grounds are ideal for all ages.

Not only is it a learning experience, it will be a fascinating and thrilling one as well. If you’ve got a cheap UK holiday booked here soon, come along and enjoy the thrills offered by this majestic castle.