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When most people head to the Cotswolds they do so to enjoy the peace and quiet and the many relaxed activities there are to do in the area. But while there are plenty of charming villages and locations to see in the Cotswolds, you shouldn’t miss out on one of the biggest towns there is – Cheltenham.

It is also known sometimes as Cheltenham Spa because it is a spa town. But once Christmas is over it also has a wealth of sales to offer you, making for an exciting experience if you want to shop until you drop at New Year!

Cheltenham is situated a short distance to the east of the M5 motorway, so it makes for easy access no matter where you are coming from. The A40 and A46 are also nearby, so you can access Cheltenham very easily from all parts of the Cotswolds if you happen to be staying there for a short break after the festive excitement.

Cheltenham is a great place to visit at any time of the year, but there is no doubt that it is a superb place to go if you want to do some New Year’s sales shopping. You’ve certainly got a huge range of shops to visit here because there are several distinct areas to see. For starters you can visit the town centre, an area that offers the Promenade and the Regent Arcade. As you will see when you arrive, these areas are very different to one another. There is a distinct feel about shopping in Cheltenham that makes it a vibrant and fun activity to do. Just be sure you’re not too hung over from New Year’s Eve to make the most of it the following day!

Of course the bargains start long before the New Year – mostly even before Christmas – so you don’t have to wait that long to get shopping. If you prefer to check out the speciality shops rather than the shopping centre itself, head for Montpellier. This has just the types of shops you would like to see. You’ll notice too that the whole area has some real character, offering lots to see and do and appreciate while you shop.

One thing you shouldn’t miss while you are at the Regent Arcade is the Wishing Fish Clock. Make sure you get there before the hour strikes because there could be quite a crowd forming, all to see the fish blowing bubbles as the hour comes round! It’s quite a sight and just another touch that makes Cheltenham stand out in your mind. If you are staying in a Cotswold country cottage you should definitely make the time to visit Cheltenham to see everything it has to offer. This is a superb place and a superb location to go to in order to find everything you could need in those New Year’s sales. Don’t miss a bargain – make sure you find it at one of the many delightful shopping locations the area has to offer.