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If you are planning a stay anywhere in the Wye Valley during August, you will probably already be aware that you will have a wide range of activities and destinations worth putting on your calendar. Many of these will probably be close to your Wye Valley accommodation as well, meaning you’ll have lots of destinations to visit that won’t take ages to reach.

Of course exploring can be tiring in itself. So what better excuse could you want than to enjoy a few hours of more laid back activities at the Parva Farm Vineyard in the Wye Valley?

The vineyard itself is located in Tintern, a charming part of the country to stay in for a Wye Valley short break. You will find it just a short distance off the A466 Main Road. If you look for the Wye Valley Hotel you will be right on top of the vineyard, as its entrance is right next door.

August is a particularly good month to visit the vineyard because it holds its so called Turn Up and Tour events. These take place every Thursday evening, starting at half past five. So if you have been out and about during the day and you would like to make the most of the evening as well, you couldn’t do much better than to take your place on this tour.

It’s good value too, and you don’t have to pre-book either. Just turn up for the half past five start and pay £5 per person to take your place. It really does offer you superb value for money, not to mention an engaging insight into the workings of the Parva Farm Vineyard. You should expect to spend around two hours on the tour, which is followed arguably by the best bit of all – the wine tasting!

If you don’t know how to taste wine properly you will find out how to do it here. The tutored wine tasting will enable you to try some of the fine wines produced by the vineyard, and by this time you will know a lot more about how they are made too. It all rounds off a delightful evening spent exploring a corner of the Wye Valley you may otherwise not know about.

It’s also a good experience to have if you want to enjoy an adults only experience during the height of the summer holidays! Just remember that the evening only takes place every Thursday, so ensure you plan the rest of your week or short stay around it, as you won‘t be able to book any other night. Make sure you have a designated driver too, unless you are only intending to sample a very small amount.

There are other venues worth seeing in Tintern if you are planning on visiting the area for the whole day before going to the vineyard. Tintern Abbey isn’t that far from the vineyard so you could elect to go there in the morning if you wish. There are also a number of nice walks in the area if you are keen on rambling and you want to explore Tintern on foot.