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There is only a few days left to go until the Jane Austen Festival gets underway for 2010. Regardless of whether you have a love for the author or not, you should definitely take the opportunity to visit Bath for a day or two to explore it in more detail.

The good thing about Bath is that you can choose to stay in Bath accommodation for a few days, perhaps for a long weekend, if you wish. Alternatively you can stay in the Cotswolds instead, as Bath is not too far from many popular Cotswolds properties and accommodations. You can drive down quite easily for a nice day in Bath before heading back to your Cotswolds country cottage again.

But what is the Jane Austen Festival all about?

Well, it takes place over the course of an entire week, starting on the 17th September, which is a Friday. You can then visit the festival right up until Saturday 25th September, so you have several days in which to find the right time to visit for you.

You need to have a ticket for each part of the event you want to see, but the best day of all is the first Saturday. This is when the festival is officially opened with the help of a huge parade. If you are in Bath on the 18th you won’t be able to miss it, as it winds its way through the streets. Period dress is very much in evidence here, as you would expect it to be.

The best way to approach any visit to the festival is to find out more about it before you go. Since you need tickets you will need to find out what is on and when, and decide which events you would like to see. Good examples include ‘A Very Private Public Breakfast’ on the 18th and a minibus tour of some classic Jane Austen locations on the 22nd.

Of course while you are staying in Bath or in the Cotswolds nearby you can also take the time to visit the Jane Austen Centre in Bath itself. As you will see, Jane had a close association with Bath in many ways, and you can find out more about this when you visit the centre. This can be done even if you decide not to go to any dedicated events during the Jane Austen Festival.

The centre is at 40 Gay Street in Bath, which leads directly off the Circus. It is worth a look and you have a gift shop here too. It sells all kinds of souvenirs and you can of course treat yourself to Jane Austen’s novels as well. If you have never read any of her books before, perhaps now is the best time to begin to do so?

As you will see, some of them have a real association with Bath, and you will gain a new respect for her and for the city as you find out more.