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If you are thinking of heading up to the Cotswolds for a weekend break in the near future, you might want to make sure you are in the area on Wednesday 18th November. That is when the latest farmers market in Witney gets underway.Witney in the Cotswolds is well known for its Witney blankets, although these ceased to be made in the town some seven years ago. The town has a long history and the market place – where this monthly farmers market takes place – is a focal point of the town.

Witney itself is easy to find and quite centrally located if you are having a holiday in the UK or you are looking at late hotels in the area. It is only a short distance east of Burford and west of Oxford, so you have plenty of other places to visit in the area while you are staying in the Cotswolds if you wish.

But let’s go back to the Witney Farmers Market. Why would you want to visit in the first place?

Finding one reason is quite difficult because there are plenty of reasons for giving it a try! For starters the sheer range of food that is sold there is amazing. You can even pick up your Christmas turkey here if you wish. And if you are looking to take home some Christmas gifts for other people in your family, hunt out the preserves and the wine. They would be well received by anyone such is the quality of the items you will find at the Witney Farmers Market.

But the main benefit of visiting and taking advantage of buying a few things is that everything is locally made. Fish, meat, cakes, bread, wine, juices, herbs and the list gets longer. Everything you could think of is here so make sure you keep some room in your car to store away everything you buy on your UK weekend break to the Cotswolds. The Witney Farmers Market has been going for nearly ten years as well, so it is clearly a popular monthly event in the town.You’ll need to be up early to enjoy the market at its best though. It gets underway at half past eight in the morning and finishes at half past one, so you should make sure you get there early to get the best chance to browse around all the stalls and buy whatever you need and want.

You might want to grab something to eat for a late lunch once the market has finished. Or even better than that, why not explore Witney itself for the afternoon? It has a couple of worthwhile museums to explore, and it isn’t too far from the famous Blenheim Palace either.

So make sure you enjoy the Witney Farmers Market next week, and remember if you cannot attend, the next one will be on the third Wednesday of December. Just in time to get all you need for Christmas – and enjoy a nice day out as well.