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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Cotswolds Holiday? Is it the rolling countryside, the pubs or the little villages just waiting to welcome you?

You probably think of all these things and many more besides. But there is a city nearby that is absolutely unmissable when you head out to the Cotswolds for a holiday – and that city is Bath.

Bath is a fairly compact town that is ideal for devoting a day or two to exploring. And as everything is pretty close together, you can get around quite easily on foot. It is situated on the southern edge of the Cotswolds, so it does make the ideal day trip or to give you a bit of break in the time spent exploring the beautiful Cotswold countryside!

The Royal Crescent


As you would expect, there are several spots that you should definitely make sure you see while you are in the city. The first of these is the Royal Crescent. This was built over two hundred years ago, and features a sweeping curve of houses that are laid out in a semi circle. Apart from the road which runs around the front of the houses, there is a great expanse of lawn beyond that, which provides a wonderful spot to take some photos.

The Roman Baths

Of course the Roman Baths are perhaps the most famous and often visited location in the city. It is difficult not to walk around the baths without imagining how they must have been when the ancient Romans used them! Even though it isn’t possible to use the baths yourself, you can sit by the side of them and drink in the atmosphere.

There is also a range of statues and an impressive array of artefacts dating from the period when the Romans used the baths. It almost feels as if you are stepping back into history when you pay a visit here. Be sure to take your camera as you can get plenty of outstanding shots, especially of the main bath area.

The River Avon

Another activity you mustn’t miss out on is a river boat trip along the River Avon. These trips depart close to Pulteney Bridge, which is itself a superb subject for taking pictures of. Somewhat unusually, the bridge is actually a listed building, and quite rightly so as it is a stunning design when viewed from the south.

The weir is situated just in front of the south side of the bridge, and if you do take a boat trip you will start from here and go under the bridge itself. It’s a beautiful way to spend a lazy day on the river! And when you get to the other end there are some great photo opportunities as well.

Super Shops and Restaurants

And last, but most definitely not least, Bath is, arguably, among the very best shopping towns in the UK. With a great mix of super High Street chain stores, lovely independent shops, amazing restaurants, cafes and anything in between, all set in the beautiful streets and alleyways of this magnificent town, you could spend a whole day of your time in Bath just hitting the shops and dining out.

Holiday Cottage in Bath


Bath really is a fantastic place to visit, but it can also be your base when you visit the Cotswolds and our holiday cottages in Bath are all perfect if you wish to stay and explore for longer or if you wish to walk, cycle or drive out from there to the rest of the Cotswolds.