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Reasons I recommend cycling in the Cotswolds to my friends!

cycling in the cotswolds

Friends of mine often ask me what I would do if I went on holiday to the Cotswolds!? I suppose it is a good question considering I spend so much time here…! Many people instantly think of packing their walking gear so they can enjoy exploring the countryside on foot, but actually I have a slightly better idea and possibly a much more enjoyable, challenging and exciting option would be to GO CYCLING. You cover more ground, you can plan ahead and you see so much more.

In my opinion it is just as easy to plan for, especially since many of our Cotswolds holiday properties have storage for cycles if you want to take your own instead of hiring one. But for heaven’s sake do make sure that you check in advance with the cottage owner when you are booking your cottage, so you will know whether it has storage or not.

Yes I know we’re in an age where everyone is supposed to be more healthy, eating properly and generally taking care of ourselves, but to me actually getting out on your bike is so much more fun than just walking (or sitting in your car for that matter!) The great thing about cycling – apart from the fact that it keeps you fit and healthy – is that it is well suited to the Cotswolds. You can cover more ground than you would if you stuck to walking. It’s easy enough to plan cycling routes between villages every day so you can see more of the spectacular countryside that this part of the country has to offer.

It might also be worth going online (try the trusted Cotswolds tourism website which has some great ideas of routes) before you leave for your holiday, so you can see where the dedicated cycle paths are. Lots of cyclists share their routes and experiences online, and it can be good to read about them so you know where to go. This is particularly good if you haven’t been to this part of the country before. You can also prepare in advance so you have some routes to follow to begin with.

Hopefully you will have decided to stay with us if you are staying in a Cotswolds cottage, but one area to look closely into is the Cotswold Water Park, where there is a twelve mile round circuit to challenge you even before you leave the park itself. This takes in roads and off-road sections, so it really does provide something for everyone. Once you have tried this you can go outside the park and explore some other routes.

One of the best things about cycling in the Cotswolds is that you can always find routes that are just right for your level of ability. For example you will find that for every hilly and challenging cycle route that exists, there is also a simpler and flatter route for the beginner. And if you want to book in some liquid refreshments for lunch, you can plan any cycle route to take in one of the charming pubs that are dotted around the countryside as well!

So there you have it, my reasons for cycling in the Cotswolds. Are you considering it or are you sticking to the walking option. There are lots of reasons why you ought to think about planning a cycling holiday in the Cotswolds, there are lots of people have already discovered why these holidays are so appealing, and you could be the next to do so. The great thing is that you can keep going back again and again and never hit the same route twice. This is just one of the advantages you can look forward to, thanks to the beautiful surroundings the Cotswolds have to offer you. Tell us your thoughts or suggestions