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If you're planning to head to the Cotswold at this time of year, you will certainly have an excellent choice of things to do, especially if you have an interest in culture.

Personally speaking, I’d say that I’m more ‘middle of the road’ with regards to my interests, but if you are looking to broaden your mind then I’d say the Cotswolds has plenty to keep you busy. Cheltenham alone has some great opportunities to soak up the festival atmosphere, and they are all well worth looking into. Here is my list of up and coming options in this part of the Cotswolds.

Cheltenham Jazz Festival

The first one is the Cheltenham Jazz Festival which takes place this year between the 2nd and 7th May. This is seen as the official start of summer by many locally and it always runs over the early Bank Holiday weekend in May, so now (mid-March) is a great time to book a short trip to the Cotswolds. If you’re Cotswold holiday is located around the central region of the Cotswolds, your journey is about 20 mins to the heart of Cheltenham. Be aware though that it is wise to book early if you can as this is a very popular weekend – it being a Bank Holiday!

Look for your choice of Cotswolds country cottages now so you can get in early and know you have somewhere to stay.

Cheltenham Science Festival

I’ve been to the Science Museum in London umpteen times and while there is nowhere quite as good, we are blessed with our own little version: The Cheltenham Science Festival from 12th to 17th June, and while it might not sound as exciting you’d be surprised! With names like Robert Winston and Brian Cox on the bill you can get an idea of what is in store for you if you attend. This is not like science was at school, that’s for sure and kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy this.

Cheltenham Music Festival

If sipping a cool drink and taking in some light hearted music then this is a great option especially if you are coming for a weekend as a family. The Cheltenham Music Festival happens in July, from the 4th to the 15th of the month, and as you would expect with this being a Cotswolds festival this will be a terribly relaxed affair. It tickled me when I saw that the organisers are pointing out that this is the Diamond Jubilee Year and it is also the Olympics, and their festival just so happens to sit between the two! It’s not quite on that scale please note!! So if you are planning a summer of celebration this could be the ideal place to while away some time in the middle.

The Hay Festival

If you’re looking to visit the Cotswolds for a holiday at the beginning of June, you could do little better than to get tickets for the Hay Festival as well, probably one of the most famous of our ‘local’ festivals. This starts on 31st May this year and runs until the 10th June and gives you a chance to enter into the world of literary giants along with some high quality musicians and entertainers. It gives you a chance to see the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales – not too far away from the Cotswolds in fact. It’s hard to believe it started at someone’s kitchen table. It just goes to show what can be achieved when you put your mind to it.

As you can see the Cotswolds and surrounding areas are rife with all kinds of festivals for people to see and enjoy. No matter whether you’re a jazz fan, a fan of literature or you simply love to know more about the world around you, you can find all manner of festivals here to enjoy. They can form an essential part of a great Cotswolds holiday, giving you another excuse to come and visit the area (not that you need one, of course).

So check out the options and think about where you would like to stay!