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Cotswolds Cottages

One definition of the word classic is, “a perfect sample or example of something.” When it comes to a traditional English holiday, there is no doubt that Cotswolds cottages provides a perfect example. Here are some of the main reasons as to why this is the perfect place to enjoy a truly English experience for residents and tourists alike.


Cotswolds cottages are located deep in the heart of England. The natural topography, wildlife and vegetation have caused it to be described and designated as an Area of outstanding natural beauty. The Cotswolds experience starts with the exciting adventure of actually travelling to this part of the country. Every road to the Cotswolds will take you through a good number of interesting villages, towns and sights that is genuinely 'seeing is believing'.


Visitors to Cotswolds cottages are assured of interesting, enjoyable and exciting activities during their stay. You can enjoy a long leisurely walk in nature where you will come across some of the most amazing and breathtaking views England has to offer. Climbing is another good activity for individuals or groups looking for a challenge. During your visit you can take on the Wye Gorge, the Symonds Yat, Wintours Leap or all three. Photographers are guaranteed to fall in love with the Cotswolds. Your camera will not rest as you click away and take some of the best shots of your life. If you're feeling a little braver, canoeing and caving are other popular activities that you can engage in.

English hospitality

There are few people who have enjoyed authentic English hospitality. Cosmopolitan cities and towns have greatly diluted the English way of life and you will rarely find places such as the Cotswolds where the English way of life is pure in every way.

Pubs and eating places

Your classic English holiday is not complete until you sit down and enjoy a hearty English meal and then down it with a good English beer. While visitors to the Cotswolds have the option of self catering, you must not leave before you visit one of the restaurants where you are guaranteed one of the very best English meals. The pubs in the area offer local and foreign beers but it would be unwise to come all the way to the heart of England and drink a beer from overseas!

Amazing rates

Unlike most holiday destinations, cottages in the Cotswolds are among England’s top locations yet offer some of the best rates for such high quality facilities. You can take advantage of the affordable package offers that cater for individuals, couples and groups looking to holiday, honeymoon or take a weekend break in the country. Visit during the low or mid season will see you enjoy an amazing time with no congestion while also saving a lot of hard earned money!

As you can see, visiting the Cotswolds allows you to enjoy the best of England, the British way. For more information on cottages in the Cotswolds or to book your stay, get in touch with Manor Cottages.