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There are plenty of good reasons why you would want to go to the Cotswolds at this time of year. There are lots of diverse shops to visit for starters, and this is ideal for those of us who are already thinking about the Christmas presents we have to buy.

If you have plans to visit the Cotswolds, perhaps for a long weekend away staying in a Cotswolds cottage for example, you should consider timing it so you get to take part in the late night Christmas shopping event this year in Broadway. This is one of the most famous parts of the Cotswolds, dating back as it does over a thousand years. There are plenty of shops here you can browse around but if you are expecting a commercialised town you will be disappointed – or more properly pleasantly surprised!

In fact Broadway is filled with what you might call ‘one off’ shops, all displaying a rich selection of goods in a very individual way. If you want to buy items for people for Christmas that are perfect for the occasion and unseen anywhere else, this is the place to come.

It’s also well worth making the trip on Friday 25th November this year, because this is when the Broadway late night Christmas shopping event takes place. You should get there before 5.30pm when the festivities start, ready to get into the festive mood for the three hours the event takes place for. Not only can you browse round the shops you can also enjoy carol singers, a heartening pig roast, mulled wine and plenty more besides. Broadway certainly gets into the festive spirit as November comes to an end, and you can be sure of getting some of your Christmas shopping solved and done before December arrives as well.

There is no doubt that Broadway has plenty of character and provides a nice place to stay if you are visiting the Cotswolds for a longer period of time. Broadway self catering cottages are available in the immediate area, and you will also be very close to many other charming villages in the Cotswolds that you can visit while you are there. If you miss out on the Christmas shopping on the 25th November, you will be interested to know they do it all over again on the 2nd December, one week later. So you have two chances to go along and enjoy the festivities. Broadway is well known for this annual event and it is definitely a nice place to go just for the entertainment and good mood. Even if you’re organised enough to already have done all your shopping, make sure you go anyway!

Of course if you are planning on staying overnight nearby, the sooner you book your Cotswolds accommodation the better. This area tends to be very popular while this event is on, so it makes sense to book nice and early so you can look forward to the trip.