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It’s hard to deny it any longer – as much as you might want to be thinking about spending summer in the Wye Valley for a UK holiday, we’re almost at the festive season once again. Luckily there are lots of events and occasions taking place in the beautiful surroundings of the Wye Valley over this period of time, and we’ve got details of some of the best of them.

If you have ever visited the valley before you will probably be familiar with the Clearwell Caves. The caves are famous for many reasons, not least because iron ore has been brought up from the caves for a very long time – thousands of years to be more exact. But this Christmas many children will want to see the caves for a very different reason. Apparently Father Christmas himself is due to give up some of his precious time to visit the caves and see children there to find out what they want for Christmas.

Heather Holland will be at Clearwell Caves from the 27th November right up until Christmas Eve, which this year falls on a Friday. Father Christmas will be there too in order to see as many children as possible. If you are in the area it is definitely worth paying a visit to Clearwell Caves to enjoy some time away from the hectic duties of Christmas shopping!

Children and their parents will discover the story of Cora and the Bloobious Bright. It certainly sounds intriguing and the story will be set at Christmas time to make it even more special. There is every chance that the adults will be just as fascinated by the tale as the children!

The adults will no doubt be pleased to hear that they will get a chance to visit an underground market while they are visiting the Clearwell Caves too. This takes place part way through the story, in the biggest cavern of all that the caves have to offer. If you have still got some Christmas shopping to do at this stage you might just be able to pick up a treat or two while you are there.

You may not be able to spare the time to enjoy a long weekend in the Wye Valley at this time of year. But even a day trip to enjoy the delights of the caves at Christmas would be a wonderful idea. Whenever you go you don’t have to worry about pre-booking; you can buy tickets on the day you want to go, as you arrive at the caves.

They are easy enough to find too, as they are situated just to the west of the Forest of Dean. They can be found from the B4228 and if you head towards Clearwell village you will easily be able to spot the venue from there.It’s a good way to get into the festive spirit and let your child have the magical moment of seeing Father Christmas as well.