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Most people will know that Halloween is fast approaching, and if you are visiting the Cotswolds or the Wye Valley in the near future you will doubtless find some special events tied into this ominous day of the year!

One of the big places to go at any time in the Wye Valley is Caldicot Castle. You can stay in Wye Valley accommodation nearby and enjoy a short journey to get there if you wish. Caldicot Castle is sandwiched neatly between the M4 and the M48 but despite those motorways being nearby it has some beautiful surroundings to share with you.

According to various websites online there is currently a mediaeval mystery going on at the castle. You can meet the various highwaymen that existed at various points in history and solve the clues given to find out what the trail is all about.

But this is just the start of the great events that are on to celebrate Halloween this year. Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, but if you are brave enough you can head to the castle the night before to embark on a ghost hunt! What better way could there be to mark Halloween than this?

The Fright Nights Overnight Vigil is certainly not for the faint hearted, so if you have accommodation in the Wye Valley booked already, you may want to retreat there for comfort. Caldicot Castle is known to be haunted and this is why it is one of the properties in the UK that is included in the Halloween Fright Nights annual events.

If that all sounds like too much for you to cope with, you can still enjoy the Caldicot Castle Halloween celebrations at the end of the month. This is when the All Hallows Highwaymen will be out in force to teach you a thing or two about what their lives were like.

Even if you cannot make it to the Wye Valley for Halloween, Caldicot Castle is well worth a visit at any time of the year. Wye Valley cottages are dotted all over the area so you should find it relatively easy to book a value for money UK weekend break.

The castle dates back hundreds of years and has had connections with royalty in the past as well. It is an impressive structure but as with some other castles it has also seen its share of neglect. The middle 1800s saw the castle change hands and begin its path back to glory again. The 1960s marked the occasion that the district council bought the castle and restored it to how it would have been in years gone by.

Since then it has become a jewel in the local area and a must see location for anyone heading towards the Wye Valley. No UK holiday in the region would be complete without seeing the castle – and perhaps a few of its ghostly residents as well.

And what better time is there to do just that than Halloween?