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It would appear that the area is fairly well haunted in one way or another, and there are plenty of buildings, locations and villages that can lay claim to at least one ghost.And on many occasions they can claim far more than that.

Take the Black Abbott for example, who resides in a churchyard close to Cheltenham, the home of the famous racecourse.We have plenty of Holiday Cottages close to the area, so if you fancy the idea of trying to find the mysterious Black Abbott, you won’t have to try quite as hard to find a nearby property to stay in while you do!

For those staying near Cheltenham the best way to find out all there is to know about the ghosts in the area is to take a ghost walk.These are guided by experts in the subject, so you will be assured of a disturbing but enjoyable night out.Make sure you find out about these in advance though, as they usually need to be booked.They are certainly rather popular among those visitors who want to see a different side to the area!

If you are staying a little further afield in 31 River Street property in Bath, then you’ll be glad to know you can see a similar side to this city too. These ghost walks have been going for over thirty years, which should tell you how popular they really are!

The Royal Crescent in Bath is one of the most famous and recognisable sights in the city.And the ghostly Gravel Walk which leads to it holds a few stories of its own.

But Moreton in Marsh is perhaps one of the most haunted places you could visit on any Cotswolds Holiday.And for the bravest among you we have just the property to put you right in the middle of this haunted location!

We can’t guarantee that you’ll find any ghostly activity at all at The Cottage in Moreton in Marsh, but you might see something nearby.A good number of the local hotels and pubs have at least one ghost on the property, and if you fancy a drink at the Black Bear Inn there is something you ought to know first.You shouldn’t be too surprised if you find yourself in the middle of some poltergeist activity there.This is a German phrase which literally refers to a noisy ghost.

So you see, while most people think of Cotswolds Cottages as being lovely, calm and stunning places, the area surround them has a lot more to offer than that.On a Cotswolds Holiday, you might actually see more than you bargained for, with ghosts and ghouls abound.