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manor-cottages-beautiful-spots.jpgThe southern areas of the Cotswolds are not to be missed by any visitor. While you can happily visit them no matter where you are staying, a Cotswolds holiday cottage in this area would certainly be well-placed. You can visit all the following areas with ease.

Coln St Aldwyns.

Coln St Aldwyns may not be as well-known as some of the other areas in the southern Cotswolds, but it is well worth a visit to see its quintessential beauty. The village cottages date back as far as the 1600s, so you can appreciate such sights as the coaching inn and the Norman church.

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Lechlade, more properly known as Lechlade-on-Thames, is where the mighty river begins its flow down to London. There are many attractive sites here around the river, and you can head out on some charming walks around Lechlade that reveal more about its history.

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One of the more familiar villages in the southern Cotswolds is that of Bibury. You will almost certainly recognise Arlington Row, even if you haven’t ever been to the Cotswolds before. This is a row of cottages originally built for local weavers to live in. The construction, from local sources of stone, is quite charming and reveals something of an older time.

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The south Cotswolds is also where you will find Malmesbury. This has a place in history as the oldest borough in England. It appeared in the Domesday Book. It was once a walled town, and even though these walls no longer exist, you get a sense of how this town was once protected in its position atop a hill. Malmesbury may be busy at times, but the vibrancy of the area makes it no less beautiful. Make sure you have time to see the dramatic sight of the abbey, dating from the 12th century.

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Cotswold Water Park.

Finally don’t miss the Cotswold Country Park and Beach. Not as well-known as the Cotswold Water Park (also in the immediate area), the park is open from February right through to December. The inland beach is charming and the area as a whole offers the chance to get your walking shoes on to explore the beauty of this part of the south Cotswolds.