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There’s no denying it now – Christmas is just a few short weeks away. While you might be thinking about all the things you’ve got to do between now and the big day itself, it is quite possible to achieve two goals in one. Not only can you get all your Christmas shopping done in the nicest of surroundings, you can also make sure you get a UK weekend break in Bath as well.

You might be wondering how you could combine the two. But when you realise that the Bath Christmas Market is about to begin, you’ll soon get the idea!

From the 25th November right through to the 12th December, a festive market takes over a key area right in the centre of Bath itself. There are lots of types of Bath accommodation in the area, so you won’t be far from all the best festivities and seasonal cheer you could want. It’s the best way to get away from home for a couple of days and get all your seasonal shopping done as well. What more could you want?

Any festive market is worth seeing, but the Christmas Market in Bath sits between the ancient Roman Baths and the beautiful Bath Abbey. As you can imagine it looks stunning both during the day and at night, and this is even more so when you see the amazing market for yourself.

If you are expecting traditional market stalls you’d be wrong – instead you will get wooden chalets, all specially set up to give you a really Christmassy feel! It’s no big surprise to learn that this year the market will be around for an extra seven days. This is as a direct consequence of its popularity in previous years.

You can book a UK weekend away in Bath now to take advantage of the market for more than just one day. Why not explore the market both in daylight and at night, and then use the other day in Bath to see some of the sights? You could return home feeling refreshed and satisfied that you’ve managed to do some of your Christmas shopping too!

Bath is a unique city and one that is ideally suited for this kind of market. The cosy chalets sit neatly in between two of Bath’s biggest attractions, making this a must see event whenever you decide to visit. You could go in November if you want to get your Christmas shopping done early. Alternatively why not visit towards the end of the market in December, when you have the opportunity to enjoy the festive feel as close as possible to the big day itself?

Whenever you go you are sure to have a spectacular time in Bath. UK holidays are probably not the first thing on your mind in December, but when you have the Bath Christmas Market to go to, you’ll be well advised to fit in a nice weekend break instead. Why not book one now?