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It sounds like something out of a spooky film doesn’t it? But this cruise really does exist and it makes its way along the River Avon around once a month throughout most of the year. The next cruise is on Saturday 25th June, but you’d better book quickly in order to avoid disappointment. If you do miss out, book for the next one on 30th July instead. It’s definitely worth the wait.

So what can you look forward to when you take your place on this cruise? Well if you have ever taken a cruise in Stratford upon Avon before you will know that it is one of the most delightful ways to spend a few hours. The Ghost Cruise provides something just a little bit different though. It’s the ideal way to see some of Stratford without leaving your seat on the cruiser, and you can learn about a different side of the area as well.

This is an evening cruise too, so you can still enjoy getting out and about on foot during the day. The cruise boards from 7pm and leaves at half past, so you have half an hour to get your seats and settle down for an enjoyable evening. You will have one of two entertainers to lure you into the evening of magic and mystery, revealing all kinds of telling secrets and stories about the area.

The cruise could form an ideal part of a long weekend away in Stratford upon Avon. There are lots of holiday cottages and other charming properties in and around the area that might prove to be the ideal choice for your weekend away. Some people choose to spend longer in the area of course, so if you have a week to spare you should give the area some serious consideration.

One of the most obvious things to do in Stratford upon Avon is to visit all the Shakespeare properties. But it is good to know that you aren’t just restricted to these. The River Avon is a delightful venue to head for, and if the weather is good you can picnic along the banks during the day. You might even see some of the cruisers that take part in the Ghost Cruises during the evenings too.

If you do decide to take your seat on one of these spooky tours, make sure you book your seats well in advance and identify the spot where you need to be ready to board the cruiser. You’ll need to head for the Holiday Inn Hotel in Bridgefoot. From there you can find the landing stage and wait for the vessel to arrive.

Whatever you decide to do during your time in Stratford upon Avon, a Ghost Cruise is certainly one of the best ways to find out some of the unearthly secrets the place has to offer. Make sure you take a companion – you may not fancy leaving the boat without one!