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Any time of year is a good time for a walking holiday in the Cotswolds. That's good news for you, if you're looking for a super place to go on a walking holiday.

Cotswold walks, towns and villages

There are so many great walks to take in and around the Cotswolds, and with all walks and pathways being connected by the many wonderful small towns and villages and their abundance of amazing dining pubs, lovely shops and attractions, you can spend anything from a day or a weekend to a longer holiday on foot in the Cotswolds.

What to bring on your walking holiday

When you're packing for your walking holiday in the Cotswolds, you obviously need to make sure you bring everything you need for every eventuality. The most important thing is a good rucksack, one that is comfortable to wear. Pick one that has padded shoulder straps; you will be glad of it if you are heading off on a hike for several miles, and pick one with plenty of room for water bottles and all the essential items like your mobile phone (very important to bring, of course), maps, wallet, spare socks, plasters, etc.
You should always wear the best possible footwear you can for walking (don't choose a really long walk as the first time to break in a new pair of shoes), spare socks is nice to have if you get your feet wet or you simply want to freshen up, and plasters can make all the difference between enjoying the walk back… or not.

Visit the towns and villages

For a super collection of places to go in the Cotswolds, check out our many articles on where to eat, where to shop and where to sightsee in the Cotswolds

Picnic in the Cotswolds

If you are planning a picnic on your walk, there's simply no better place to do so that anywhere in the Cotswolds where there's a beautiful view whichever way you look. When you're packing your picnic, make sure you take food that will keep easily and provide you with plenty of energy. It sometimes happens that people are so overwhelmed with the lovely scenery that they want to take a much longer walk than they have ever attempted before, and if this sounds like something you might do, remember to bring extra water and snacks.

Don't overdo it at first

The Cotswolds are packed with rolling hills and stunning scenery wherever you look, but those hills can be challenging, so start with a nice flat walk if you can, there are plenty of those as well. Make sure you take lots of fresh water and mark any points on the map you will take that you could visit for fresh supplies if needed.

All that is left then is to enjoy a walk that you know you are prepared for!