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antiques-shops-in-the-cotswolds-manor-cottages.jpgAntique shopping – it’s an opportunity to find some classic pieces that may be ideal for your own home, or perhaps even as a gift for someone else. Whether you are browsing or buying, the Cotswolds are a great location for finding antique shops of all shapes and sizes.


If you are staying in a Cotswold holiday cottage you won’t be too far from a range of antique shops in the area. Stow on the Wold in particular is well-known for its wide range of antique shops. You could easily spend at least half a day here exploring the many stores, especially since there are other shops to take a closer look at as well.

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The interestingly-named Corn Hall in Cirencester is a must-see as well on a Friday. This is when the antiques and collectors’ market takes place, and has done for over 40 years. There’s no charge to enter and you can find all manner of antique delights inside, offered by dozens of different dealers. Get ready for a bit of haggling if you’re game!

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Tetbury is also known for offering quite an impressive range of antique shops. There are many good reasons to visit Tetbury, so earmark a day for it, enjoy a pub or café lunch and wander round the many antique shops you’ll find there as well. Indeed this could be the ideal place to search for a Cotswold holiday cottage to use as a base for your trip. Tetbury, along with Stow on the Wold, is known as one of the most prominent areas of the Cotswolds for antiques.

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If you happen to be near Burford you have a choice of several good antique shops there too. There are a number of shops in the High Street and in Cheltenham Road to look out for.

One of the great things about antique shops throughout the Cotswolds is that each one offers its own cornucopia of delights. Some will specialise in one area of antiques while others specialise in other things. For example, Amy Perry Antiques in Tetbury specialises in hand-dyed linens and furniture, while Blighty in Cheltenham goes for country-inspired antiques and those that bring in a colonial touch.

As you can see, whatever antiques you may be looking for, you never know whether you’ll get lucky and spot something just right for you in the Cotswolds. Why not book a trip to take a look?