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Stratford upon Avon is known for many things. But perhaps it would be advisable to think of it as a great destination and a perfect solution to those New Year blues. Everyone will be back at work now after the Christmas and New Year break, and it can sometimes seem as if the holiday was a long time ago.

But there is no need to assume your next break will be your summer holiday. It couldn’t be easier to book a long UK weekend break to somewhere like Stratford upon Avon, since it has so much to offer you while you are there.

Of course one of the most popular things to do is to visit the Shakespeare properties. You can see where the great man was born, as well as where his wife lived in Anne Hathaway’s Cottage. There are three other properties in the town as well, giving you plenty to see as you find out more about the man himself.

But if you think the only reason to visit Stratford upon Avon is to discover Shakespeare, think again. This is a delightful area to visit for everyone, and it has plenty of shops available in the main part of town if you would like to do some shopping – in the New Year sales perhaps?

You can also relax and take in a spot of boating on the River Avon, which winds its way through the town. There is a delightful riverbank walk you can try out if you would prefer to stay on dry land, and there is no doubt that relaxing and getting away from it all is definitely on the cards here. Whatever you want to do, Stratford upon Avon is a delightful place to do it, which is why it appeals to so many people.

There are many signs of Shakespeare in the town, and you will spot many of them as you wander around and explore it in detail. This is a market town so there are plenty of places to go to find a bargain or two. It is certainly not hard to see why so many people pick this town for a long weekend away from home. What’s more, it is worth seeing at any time of the year, so even if you have a hankering to go away now, you can still enjoy everything that Stratford upon Avon has to offer. This is true even if you book a long UK weekend break in January or February.

There are certainly plenty of places you can stay in while you are there. Perhaps a weekend stay in an English country cottage would be ideal for you, if you want to get away from it all. Whatever you decide to do in Stratford you will be glad you spent the time to see it. It is the perfect way to launch into a New Year and to get rid of those New Year blues.