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If you have never heard of the Royal Route, you have missed out on one of the real treasures of this part of the country.┬á Not only is it inspiring, it also gives you lots to see and do during a UK holiday to the Forest of Dean.┬á If you are looking for cheap weekend breaks, you should think about basing one around this route.┬á You wouldn’t need much more than a packed lunch each day to help you enjoy the best that this route has to offer.

Here are five excellent reasons why you should try out the Royal Route:

1.    It is ideal regardless of whether you enjoy walking or cycling.  The Royal Route has miles and miles of scenery to appreciate and is well set up for cyclists to enjoy as well as those who prefer two feet as opposed to two wheels!

2.    The Royal Route is circular.  It has twenty miles of delights to see all in all, so you could either do part of it over the course of a weekend or the whole route over the course of a week long UK holiday.  It all depends on how fit you are, whether you walk or cycle, and how many times you want to stop off on the way.

3.┬á┬á┬á There is plenty to see on the route, including Clearwell Caves.┬á These naturally occurring caves have been used since the Iron Age, so they are a real piece of history which it is good to stop off and see.┬á You also have the Nag’s Head Nature Reserve – an ideal place to stop and relax while looking out for wildlife and enjoying a sandwich or two.┬á The Perrygrove Railway is also nearby, as is the famous Puzzlewood attraction.┬á If you like the unusual and the unforgettable, Puzzlewood can bring you both in large amounts!

4.┬á┬á┬á Every time of year offers something different to enjoy.┬á This isn’t the type of tourist attraction that is only worth visiting when the weather is good and we’re in the midst of summer.┬á The Royal Route still looks spectacular when the frost is on the ground, or when the autumn leaves have fallen.┬á And spring reawakens the whole area with a whole new range of sights to appreciate.┬á So regardless of when you want to plan a UK weekend break or a holiday in the UK, be sure to explore the Royal Route for things to see and do.

5.┬á┬á┬á The Golden Mile, as it is known, gives you another spectacular reason to get your camera out and enjoy what nature has to show us in every season.┬á Look out for the bluebells in May – we defy you to count them!

As you can see, the Royal Route is packed with the best of the Forest of Dean, all contained on this welcoming and stunning route.  However you decide to travel around the loop, and however long you spend doing so, it really is something worth doing over and over again.