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The Cotswolds is by its very nature a relaxing and calming place.  While it is good to get out and about to see what the countryside has to offer during your stay in the area, there are other things to see as well.

One of the more popular things to do is to go and see some of the churches in the Cotswolds.  As you will see from the list we have provided below, there are some stunning churches in the area that are quite close to many holiday cottages in the Cotswolds.

So consider popping in and taking a closer look at one or more of the following four churches.  There are many more of course, but these will get you started in the right direction.

Church of St John the Baptist, Burford

Burford is situated just south of Shipton under Wychwood in the Cotswolds.  Its history stretches right back to the 12th century, so it is well worth visiting to gain an appreciation of what it has to offer.

You can buy a brochure when you arrive to tell you more about the history of the church too, which is well worth buying.

Church of St Gregory the Great, Cheltenham

This is a Catholic church which has existed since 1854.  It is a large and impressive church and it has a stunning high altar window that is well worth seeing.  The stained glass is quite beautiful.  Cheltenham itself is a short distance to the east of Gloucester.

Malmesbury Abbey, Malmesbury

Malmesbury is to the south west of Cirencester and directly south of Cheltenham.  The abbey itself dates from the 12th century, so you are surrounded by history as soon as you walk through the door to enter the building.

The churchyard is just as impressive and calming as the abbey itself, so make time to view them both and appreciate the location you are in.

Oddas Chapel

For something completely different to any other church, here is an entry on our list that will take no more than a few minutes to look round.┬á That is because it consists of two rooms – the nave and the chapel.

The tiny chapel is quite stunning and when you consider that it has been around for nearly a thousand years you will see that it really does bear looking at in closer detail.  If you prefer viewing unusual churches to the more traditional kind, then Oddas Chapel certainly fits the bill.  It is roughly to the north of both Gloucester and Cheltenham, sitting between the two points.

Not everyone enjoys viewing churches.  But if you do and you happen to feel in need for something quieter and more calming to do during your stay in the Cotswolds, then you can see that there are plenty of charming churches to visit.  They fall into all categories and that means you should certainly find something that appeals to you.  Just be sure to take your camera to record what you see.