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It feels as if the summer is nearly over already.  But is it too late to book a UK holiday in the Cotswolds?

In reality it is never too late to book.  But you need to think practically and remember that due to the recession, more people than ever are staying in this country.  There is no doubt that the Cotswolds is one of the most popular UK holiday destinations that people head for each year.  It is full to the brim with gorgeous scenery, history waiting to be discovered, and shops, pubs and walks galore to dip into.

That’s why many of our cottages get booked up very early each year, as people are looking for the ideal spot to spend a week or two away from home for their UK holidays.

But if you haven’t booked yet, don’t worry.┬á There are some great advantages to doing so, as you are about to find out:

1.┬á┬á┬á Be prepared to look for something a bit different from what you would have booked in the first place.┬á So for example, you might find that your ideal village – the ever popular Bourton on the Water for example – is fully booked up.┬á Not to worry though, because none of the villages in the Cotswolds are that far from each other.┬á Have a look at an online map of the area and find a cottage or property that is close by if you can.

2.    Another point to consider is the time you book your cottage.  It tends to be easier to find a property that is available once all the kids have gone back to school at the beginning of September.  We know a lot of people who leave their summer holidays until the end of that month!  And for the past few years the weather has been surprisingly good at that time of year as well.  The more flexible you can be with your preferred dates for holidaying in the Cotswolds, the better.

3.    Late holidays provide you with cheaper prices too.  Booking during school holidays will always be more expensive, so you can save a lot of money by coming to the Cotswolds at different times.

4.┬á┬á┬á The Cotswolds are always very popular among UK travellers.┬á But you will find that coming to the Cotswolds later in the year provides you with a much quieter holiday.┬á The important thing to remember is that the Cotswolds has plenty to offer no matter what time of year you visit us.┬á It’s wise to check the opening times of any specific locations or venues you want to visit when you are here, to make sure everywhere will be open when you visit.┬á Quite often winter opening times are shorter than summer ones, so you can still go to most places; you just have to adjust your arrival and departure times.

So you see it’s never too late to book a Cotswolds holiday in UK.┬á Provided you are ready to compromise a little, a great holiday will still await you.