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The Wye Valley has the advantage of being very close to many stunning destinations and locations in this part of the country. Cheltenham and Stratford upon Avon are nearby, so if you are staying in cottages in Wye Valley you will be spoilt for choice for places to go.  The Wye Valley also gives you access to the best of both England and Wales, so there is no doubt that you will find everything you need to inspire you during your holiday in the Wye Valley.

It can be difficult to know where to start though.  So with that in mind here are three great activities to try your hand at.  Some may need to be pre-booked so bear this in mind and plan ahead if you can.

Littledean Jail

Going to jail on holiday – it doesn’t sound appealing does it?┬á But this is an unmissable experience that plenty of people will be amazed at.┬á It’s just over in the Forest of Dean, and it is over two hundred years old.

The cells are tiny and very sparse, while the long corridors are filled with darkness and foreboding.┬á It has even been compared with Alcatraz, and when you visit it isn’t hard to see why.┬á There are various exhibits and displays, including the Crime through Time collection.

Try a family outdoor adventure with Inspire

This company is located in Monmouth, and you can book all kinds of experiences and challenges with them.┬á If you are looking for something really different for the whole family to do during your Wye Valley holiday, you can’t get much more different than this!

What better way to get out and see the Wye Valley countryside up close than to try your hand at something totally different like gorge scrambling?  Good for families with kids of ten and over, and at least four people in the group, you can enjoy getting wet and up close to the stunning scenery with this activity.

There is plenty more to do as well though, so be prepared to check out all the options for you and your family to enjoy yourselves during your holiday.

Visit the home of Weston’s Cider

After all that excitement and activity, you might be ready for something a little more laid back.┬á Seeing the Visitors Centre at Weston’s Cider is just the antidote you need!

This is in Much Marcle, and while the adults can enjoy buying some local cider to take back home, the kids can try out riding a Shire horse.┬á You can also try the tour, visit the gardens and even have a bite to eat in the wonderfully named Scrumpy House.┬á What better name for a rustic restaurant close to where Weston’s Cider is made?

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as your visit to the Wye Valley is concerned.┬á No matter how long your stay is for, you’ll find plenty for the whole family to do and enjoy – whatever the weather might do.