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One of the most popular activities in the whole of the Cotswolds is walking. With all that scenery on offer the best way to see it is undoubtedly on foot.┬áDriving may allow you to cover more ground, but what good is it when you can’t make the most of the journey and look at everything on the way?

Short walks are also ideal if there are younger members of the family.  Rambling is ideal for adults but the kids would struggle with longer distances.  So if you are planning on coming to stay in a cottage in the Cotswolds soon, have a read through this article first.  It might inspire you to build walking into your holiday itinerary.

You can spend just half a day exploring the countryside and do something else in the afternoon

Short walks could be anything from a mile up to about four or five, depending on how fit you are.┬á While many adults would take up the challenge to walk all day – perhaps trying the Cotswold Way or at least part of it from Chipping Campden on – it can be too much to ask of smaller children.

So why not plan a short route during the morning that will end in a nice lunch somewhere?  Carrying a picnic is ideal.  You can also make the walk more interesting by giving the kids challenges to try en route.  For example, research the route first (perhaps before you leave home) and find markers they can spot along the way.  You could give out a small prize for each successful find, perhaps?

A short circular route will bring you back to where you started

Circular routes are wonderful because they enable you to drive somewhere and return to your car easily afterwards.

You could also plan one or two short walks that start from your Cotswolds holiday accommodation.  Exploring the area on your doorstep is one way of getting a lot more out of your Cotswolds holiday.

You can plan your walks close to attractions and venues in the area that are worth visiting

We all have places we would like to visit on a trip to the Cotswolds.  So plan a route that is somewhere close to one such venue.  For example you might want to see the Model Village in Bourton on the Water.  If you do, plan a walk that takes in the nearby Upper and Lower Slaughter villages as well.  These are as close to the romantic view we all have of what a proper English village should look like!

The other advantage of packing some short walks into your Cotswolds holiday is that they will tire you out enough to ensure a good night’s sleep.┬á That means you will awake refreshed and ready to tackle the next day of your Cotswolds break.

One final tip – use the evenings to rest your feet and plan a short walk for the next day.┬á It means you can get going early in the morning if you wish!