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We offer an extensive range of self catering accommodation in the Cotswolds and the surrounding areas. The Cotswold area is famed for its beautiful pubs and restaurants in its quaint villages, offering English ales and tasty wines.

We all love a nice meal out, and the Cotswolds definitely provides visitors with an exceptional choice in cuisine. Having this option to dine out is great, but it's also fun to have a choice to stay in if you so desire. This is where the benefits of self catering become clear:

1. It's cost effective

Having the option to do your own shopping and to cook inside your cottage ensures that you can make your holiday extremely cost-effective. Although eating out has its benefits, it is also expensive to visit a restaurant every night. Shopping in local stores and preparing meals in the comfort of your self catering property can help save you money on your holiday, whilst still allowing you to enjoy your surroundings and the local food.

2. Local Cuisine

The best way to get to know a country or a region is to sample some of the best local cuisine. The Cotswolds produces lots of fine foods, utilising the highest quality agriculture in this rural part of the UK. The Cotswolds is home to Daylesford Organic Farm, near Kingham. This is a fine example of some top-of-the-range local produce, with many other towns and villages offering specialist cheeses, meats, and wines.

Check out this list of 27 Awesome Places to eat in the Cotswolds for inspiration on where to dine out.

3. A Relaxing Night In

Having the option to stay in and chill out really could be an appealing choice on a day where you've been travelling around visiting the local attractions. Sometimes you just want to get indoors, put your feet up, and enjoy your surroundings without preparing to head out again. Self-catering cottages make sure that you can enjoy this comfort, whilst still making the most of the Cotswold experience.

Manor Cottages' range of self catering cottages is unrivalled in the Cotswolds, and we're sure you will find exactly the property that suits your needs online or if you give us a call on 01993 824 252.